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Turkish Renewable Energy Sector – IV

REGULATORY AND FINANCIAL INCENTIVES FOR  DISTRIBUTED  RENEWABLE ENERGY -What is the legal and regulatory framework applicable to distributed renewable energy? Under the Turkish energy market, renewable energy projects are divided as (i) licensed, and (ii) unlicensed facilities. Pursuant to the Law No. 6446, it is mandatory that the legal entities which will operate in the […]


Looking for a legal intern for our growing team. Qualifications: -Law degree from law schools in Turkey -Excellent command of English (IELTS, TOEFL score is an asset), German is a plus -Being interested in Energy, Administration, Commercial and Corporate Law -Desire to work with clients from different jurisdictions -Excellent research skills -Have a solid follow-up, […]

Turkish Renewable Energy Sector – III

SALE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY AND REGULATORY OR FINANCIAL INCENTIVES FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY -What is the legal and regulatory framework for the sale of utility-scale renewable power? According to the Law No. 6446, legal entities which have a generation licence or a supply licence are entitled to engage with the sale of the electricity. The sale […]

Turkish Renewable Energy Sector-II

-What are the main types of renewable energy deployed in Turkey? What are the trends in terms of technology preference and size of facility? According to the statistics of TEIAS published in January 2021, the main renewable energy sources in Turkey are, respectively, hydro, wind and solar energy. The share of renewables in the gross […]

Turkish Renewable Energy Sector 1

-What is the basis of renewable Energy policy and regulation in Turkey? Is there are definition of “renewable” or “clean” Energy? In Turkey, the main legislation regulating Turkish electricity market is the Electricity Market Law No. 6446 (“Law No. 6446”). Along with the Law No. 6446, Law on Usage of Renewable Energy Sources for Generation […]

A First Time Decision by the Turkish Personal Data Protection Board: Allowing Cross-Border Data Transfer by Approving a Letter of Undertaking Application

The Turkish Data Protection Board (the “Board”) stated that the letter of undertaking (taahhütname) application submitted by TEB Arval Fleet Management Company (as the data controller) for cross-border transfer of personal data was accepted on 9 February 2021 as per Article 9/2 of the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law No.6698. Thus, the Board allowed a […]

The Status of Renewable Energy Resource Documents in Turkey

Today’s energy transformation has led major energy consumers to explore new business models to take part in energy transition and use them for their own needs.  Corporate consumers, who have an important place in accelerating the energy transition, have voluntarily turned to renewable energy supply to achieve the reducing greenhouse gas emission targets expected of […]


Blokzincir (blockchain) teknolojisinin hukuki, finansal ve teknolojik açıdan pek çok yeni kavramı ve gelişmeyi beraberinde getirdiği ve bu yeniliklerin yakın gelecekte hayatlarımızı şekillendirebileceği bilinen bir gerçektir. Hukuk kurallarının teknolojideki gelişmelere aynı hızda ayak uydurması kolay olmamakla birlikte blokzincir ağı üzerinden çalışan “akıllı sözleşmeler” (smart contracts) de hukuk dünyasında hala şüphe ile karşılanmaktadır. Bu kapsamda sözleşme […]

Novelties in the Turkish Electricity Market-December 2020

The Law amending the Electricity Market Law and Several Laws was published in the Official Gazette dated December 2, 2020.  The main changes introduced by the law amendment are as follows: – It has been stated that the Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (RESSUM) prices will be applied in Turkish Lira for power plants that […]