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Energy Efficiency IV

In our series of articles on energy efficiency and energy performance contracts; – Law No. 5627 on Energy Efficiency, which entered into force in 2007, and other legislation were examined, – In the “National Energy Efficiency Action Plan” planned to be implemented between 2017-2023 we have assessed the compliance of the forecasts with Directive 2021/27/EU […]

Turkish Renewable Energy Sector – IV

REGULATORY AND FINANCIAL INCENTIVES FOR  DISTRIBUTED  RENEWABLE ENERGY -What is the legal and regulatory framework applicable to distributed renewable energy? Under the Turkish energy market, renewable energy projects are divided as (i) licensed, and (ii) unlicensed facilities. Pursuant to the Law No. 6446, it is mandatory that the legal entities which will operate in the […]

Turkish Renewable Energy Sector – III

SALE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY AND REGULATORY OR FINANCIAL INCENTIVES FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY -What is the legal and regulatory framework for the sale of utility-scale renewable power? According to the Law No. 6446, legal entities which have a generation licence or a supply licence are entitled to engage with the sale of the electricity. The sale […]

Turkish Renewable Energy Sector-II

-What are the main types of renewable energy deployed in Turkey? What are the trends in terms of technology preference and size of facility? According to the statistics of TEIAS published in January 2021, the main renewable energy sources in Turkey are, respectively, hydro, wind and solar energy. The share of renewables in the gross […]

Novelties in the Turkish Electricity Market-December 2020

The Law amending the Electricity Market Law and Several Laws was published in the Official Gazette dated December 2, 2020.  The main changes introduced by the law amendment are as follows: – It has been stated that the Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (RESSUM) prices will be applied in Turkish Lira for power plants that […]


Introduction Globally, two distinct legal frameworks or systems that regulate mining activities exist: whereas in common law countries, such as the USA and Australia, mines belong to the proprietors of the relevant mining lands (i.e. the landowners own the mines), in civil law countries, such as Turkey, the State and not the landowners own the […]

2nd Renewable Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”) Workshop

                                                              EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Date: 18 June 2020 Venue: Online Organizers: Solarbaba and TurSEFF Legislation and Moderation Support: Ege Law Participants:  Energy Companies: Aksa Energy, Aydem, […]

Recent Developments on Crowdfunding in Turkey

   The Communiqué No.III-35/A.1 on Equity Based Crowdfunding (“Communiqué”), prepared by The Capital Markets Board (“CMB”), has been published on the Official Gazette dated 3 October 2019 No.30907. This article will primarily focus on how the Communiqué regulates crowdfunding of companies and start-ups by investors on equity basis. What does Crowdfunding mean? In essence crowdfunding […]

Recent Regulations on Unlicensed Electric Power Generation and Novelties in Renewable Energy Sector

Introduction In May and June 2019, a number of novelties and developments were introduced for renewable energy sector. Consecutive changes by Energy Market Regulatory Authority (the “Regulatory Authority”) have modified the electric power generation investment projects of the consumers and investors who intend to engage in unlicensed electric power generation. Exemption Upper Limit and Support […]


Introduction Instead of establishing a Turkish company, foreign corporate entities prefer to establish a Turkish branch office in order to operate in Turkey. As Turkish companies these branch offices can also be liquidated. Liquidation of branch offices is subject to provisions valid for liquidation of joint stock companies. Accordingly there are different corporate actions to […]